Rehab Equipment

One of the most important decisions you can make is focusing your service on Active Care.

Our plate loaded rehab equipment is a great way to enhance and complete your Rehab Department.  This equipment will make a difference not only to your patients and their family members, but it can also serve as an effective tool while you market your practice to third party payers and business owners as they experience firsthand what it is like to have a complete rehab system. Therapy that's as easy as 1-2-3.

Cervical Unit

fp103_tcervical.jpgThe Cervical Unit is an all in one therapy tool for neck rehabilitation. Featuring a utilitarian design that requires simple seat and head adjustment allowing for patients to perform anterior flexion, extension, posterior or lateral movements. Model FP 103 [Details]

Price  $2495.00

Low Back Unit

fp101_tlowback.jpgThe Low Back Unit features an adjustable hip pad and lift bar, allowing patients of various height and arm length to comfortably fit to the unit. The adjustable weight stack can be matched to specific rehabilitation goals for maximum therapeutic response. Model FP 101 [Details]

Price  $2995.00

Multi-Hip Unit

fp104_tmultihip.jpgThe Multi-Hip Unit with an adjustable resistance arm and cushioned leg pad, make this machine an invaluable tool in the rehabilitation of the trunk region. The resistance arm and weight stack can be matched to the appropriate height and resistance level of each patient for assured consistent therapeutic work levels. Model FP 104 [Details]

Price  $2895.00

Abdominal Unit

fp102_tabdominal.jpgThe Abdominal Unit features a unique design that's bio mechanically sound and easy to access. The seat is roomy and soft and the weight stack resistance can be adjusted to match the patient's therapeutic needs. Model FP 102 [Details]

Price  $2795.00

Rotary Torso Unit

fp105_trotarytorso.jpgThe Rotary Torso Unit provides an easy to use and easy to handle rehab unit for nearly any patient with any torso rehabilitation requirements. Comfortable ergonomic styling, easy access, and easy adjustment both in the seat height and weight stack. Ensuring smooth performance that helps keep patients motivated. Model FP 105 [Details]

 Price  $2795.00

Leg Curl Unit

fp106_tlegcurl.jpgThe Leg Curl Unit yields a comfortable and efficient exercise for the rehabilitation of the hamstring and leg biceps. The enlarged adjustable pad and high quality pulleys provide for a remarkably smooth therapeutic conditioning treatment. Its ease of entry and exit is ergonomically designed for all patient populations. Model FP 106 [Details]

 Price  $2895.00

Pricing mentioned above does not include shipping, taxes and/or duty (if applicable).  Prices may change without prior notification.

5 Year Warranty Information

We are so confident in our systems, we have implemented a satisfaction guarantee when you purchase Fitness Plus equipment, along with our six (6) month consulting program.  If you are not completely satisfied, you may return the equipment within nine (9) months from the date of purchase and pay only shipping and handling charges.  Limited time offer only.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""If you want one of the easiest ways to build your practice, you need to implement rehabilitation today. My experience, Fitness Plus has been superb. The visual and dynamic results with rehab inspire our patients, which then increased retention and referrals.

    The Fitness Plus Team assisted us with the implementation of our complete rehab program. The changes to our clinic have been phenomenal, so don't wait! Make the transition today and add rehab to your practice.

    I want to thank Fitness Plus, not only for changing our practice, but my life.""
    Dr. Miller