Active Care Seminar Agenda

Fitness Plus training seminars use a "hands-on approach" allowing each attendee to participate in the demonstrations as both low and high tech rehab procedures are presented. You will learn how to implement basic and advanced rehab procedures into your practice.

Fitness Plus seminars are for for DC's, MD's, PT's and all practice team members.

Seminar Agenda:

Why, When, How and Who should have Rehab/Active Care

This session is design to build principles, concepts and techniques of body mechanics and the physical anatomy of soft tissue restoration. It teaches principles of Upper cross and Lower cross syndromes, as they pertain to weakened, inhibited or facilitated muscle groups. These principles are the foundation that is used to build a basic understanding of soft tissue mechanisms and restoration. This session is essential to help put the basic principles in place. If you are ready to get your team fired up about rehab, this is a great opportunity to build the foundation as you plan ahead for future growth.

Stretching and Dynamic Lumbar Stabilization (Hands-On)

The purpose of a stretching and progressive lumbar stabilization program is to retrain, restore and enhance spinal flexibility, strength, coordination, proprioception and kinesthetic awareness with the functional movement and posture. We review substitution patterns and how to recognize altered movements. These exercises are designed to provide a smooth transition to similar exercises performed while working against a resistance as the patient progresses, while enhancing flexibility and stability of the spine and relative joint structures.

Introduction to NMR and Isotonic Resistance Exercises (Hands-On)

The use of neuromuscular reeducation procedures and isotonic resistance exercises can be incorporated into an overall patient treatment program. This session places an increased emphasis on the components of core stability and muscular strength. The specific exercises outlined in this section address the surrounding supporting musculature of the low back, pelvis, thoracic and cervical areas.

Billing and Coding Updates as it Applies to Rehab/Active Care

This session is a unique opportunity to discuss proper billing and coding applications as it applies to the numerous techniques previously discussed throughout the day. This includes the review of modifiers

Creating Sample Treatment Plans

The final session is the culmination of the days work. We will wrap it all together and review how these principles can be applied to create a customized treatment plan that is specific to each patient's needs or symptoms. It is our goal to assist each attendee with the confidence and understanding to apply these principles and strategies to improve overall patient care in their office.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""If you want one of the easiest ways to build your practice, you need to implement rehabilitation today. My experience, Fitness Plus has been superb. The visual and dynamic results with rehab inspire our patients, which then increased retention and referrals.

    The Fitness Plus Team assisted us with the implementation of our complete rehab program. The changes to our clinic have been phenomenal, so don't wait! Make the transition today and add rehab to your practice.

    I want to thank Fitness Plus, not only for changing our practice, but my life.""
    Dr. Miller