About Us

About Fitness Plus

Created in the early 1990's Fitness Plus has been established as a leader in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Fitness Plus equipment incorporates ergonomic styling while remaining focused on biomechanical correctness.

Fitness Plus' national sales and marketing offices are located in the heartland of the Red River Valley in Fargo, ND and are manufactured and distributed by Tri W-G in Valley City, ND.

Special Services

Fitness Plus has helped bridge the gap between chiropractic care and traditional medical models. Rehabilitation in the chiropractic office has fostered an increased patient base and become a staple treatment plan for all chiropractic patients. Realizing that the typical office rarely allows for an abundance of space, we also offer office design and layout expertise. Fitness Plus assists every office in maximizing revenue potential for every available square foot.
Long before the first unit was sold, our design team - industry leaders in the chiropractic and physical therapy fields - scrutinized each piece of equipment in the entire products line until a unanimous stamp of approval was given.
However, the dividing line between Fitness Plus and our competitors happens AFTER the sale. Our mission at Fitness Plus is to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for EVERY customer. As a testament to this commitment, a high percentage of Fitness Plus sales are from existing customers and referrals.

Major Products Available

  • Rehabilitation /Physical Therapy Equipment
  • Therapeutic/Diagnostic Ultrasound
  • ECG/Spirometry
  • Range of Motion/Muscle Tester
  • Treatment/Exam/IST Tables
  • Thera-Band Products

Quality Assurance

All of our products manufactured carry a 5-year limited warranty, which shall be free of material and workmanship defects. This limited warranty is offered with confidence and pride because WE BELIEVE IN OUR PRODUCTS!


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""If you want one of the easiest ways to build your practice, you need to implement rehabilitation today. My experience, Fitness Plus has been superb. The visual and dynamic results with rehab inspire our patients, which then increased retention and referrals.

    The Fitness Plus Team assisted us with the implementation of our complete rehab program. The changes to our clinic have been phenomenal, so don't wait! Make the transition today and add rehab to your practice.

    I want to thank Fitness Plus, not only for changing our practice, but my life.""
    Dr. Miller