We make active care and wellness easy for you...One step at a time.

Fitness Plus has been providing healthcare practitioners with rehab machines and established protocols for the past 15 years. We can provide you with rehab equipment and training to allow you to expand and profit from active care in your practice. Learn how to enhance your practice with the "next step" in rehab procedures. 

Healthcare is changing significantly...what are you doing to get ready for the future?

When was the last time you and/or the majority of your patient base did anything to strengthen and target the extensor muscles in their lower back, the cervical spine or between their shoulder blades? Please remember, patients will pay for active care procedures out of their own pocket when they truly understand they are in the right place and a program has been customized to meet and exceed their goals. 

Studies have shown that people are spending more time researching which healthcare professionals can best assist them with their health and wellness goals. Improvement in function, core stability and stability are much more common these days. What are you doing to target this huge potential service and revenue stream?

If you are ready to increase the perception of value while adding to your bottom line, give us a call today to discuss your goals, your questions and of course, the opportunity

We make active care easy for you...one step at a time.

Rehab is all together better way...

One of the most powerful decisions you can make regarding the growth of your practice is to add ACTIVE CARE. For years you have faced the ever changing challenges that affect our health care delivery system on a DAILY basis, changes to fee schedules, Managed care, cost containment, and the many other programs 3rd party payors use to frustrate and discourage health care providers. Active Care has shown a dramatic increase over the last 10 years and also remains the single most common component in ALL the health care systems. I think you can attest to the recent shortage of physical therapists across the country as a good indicator of our health care landscape. Active Care changes:

  • the way your current patients view your care
  • the current perception of VALUE your patients now have
  • your patient retention will change positively
  • INCREASED services
  • YOUR bottom line

RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT - Fitness Plus has been creating changes to numerous health care professionals for over 14 years, is it time for you to change your practice profile to now include ACTIVE CARE?

Healthcare is changing...are you ready? 

Call 1-800-729-8922 for additional information.

Minimum square footages are required and a willingness to change is ALL that is needed. JOIN our Team today and lets show you the way to added profitability.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • ""If you want one of the easiest ways to build your practice, you need to implement rehabilitation today. My experience, Fitness Plus has been superb. The visual and dynamic results with rehab inspire our patients, which then increased retention and referrals.

    The Fitness Plus Team assisted us with the implementation of our complete rehab program. The changes to our clinic have been phenomenal, so don't wait! Make the transition today and add rehab to your practice.

    I want to thank Fitness Plus, not only for changing our practice, but my life.""
    Dr. Miller